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  • 9k Yellow Gold 2.15ct Aquamarine Earrings
    Aquamarine: 7mm x 6mm oval cut, 2 pcs, 2.15ct
    Metal Type: 9ct yellow gold, hallmarked 'G9K'
    Total Weight (Approx.): 2.33 grams
    Measurement: 32 mm (L) x 18 mm (W)
    Quality/Make: very good
    All stones are natural and genuine.
    NZ$ 339.00
  • 9k White Gold 1.97ct Aquamarine Ring
    Natural Aquamarine: 10mm x 6.2mm Octagon cut, 1.97ct
    Metal Type: 9K white gold, stamps 'G9K'
    Total Weight: 2.4 grams
    Standard/Quality: Very Good
    All stones are natural and genuine.
    NZ$ 349.00
  • 9k Yellow Gold 3.8ct Aquamarine Ring
    Aquamarine: 3.8ct, 13.8mm trillion
    Metal Type: 9K yellow gold, stamps 'G9K'
    Total Weight: 3.21 grams
    Standard/Quality: Very Good
    This ring is solid gold NOT gold plated, filled or bonded. All stones are natural and genuine.
    NZ$ 379.01
  • 9ct Yellow Gold Aquamarine & White Sapphire Pendant
    Aquamarine: 8mm x 6mm oval, 1.15ct, 1pc.
    White Sapphire: 1mm round each, 7 pcs.
    Metal Type: 9K solid yellow gold, hallmarked 375
    Measurement: 18mm x 6mm.
    Total Weight (Approx.): 0.87 Grams
    NZ$ 149.01
  • 9k White Gold 1.17ct Aquamarine & 24pcs Diamond Ring
    Natural Aquamarine: 1.17 ct, 9mm x 6mm, pear cut
    Natural Diamonds: 24pcs, 0.072ct in total
    Metal Type: 9K white gold, stamps 'G9K'
    Total Weight: 2.73 grams
    Standard/Quality: Very Good
    NZ$ 519.00