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  • 9k Yellow Gold 1.8ct Danburite Ring
    Radiant-Cut Solitaire Danburite Engagement Ring in 9k Yellow Gold

    Natural Danburite: 9mm x 6mm, radiant cut, 1.8ct
    Metal Type: 9K yellow gold, stamps 'G9K'
    Total Weight: 2.45 grams
    NZ$ 539.00
  • 9k Yellow Gold 3.2ct Pink Kunzite Ring
    Oval-Cut Pink Kunzite 4-Prong Solitaire Ring

    Natural Pink Kunzite: 9.3mm x 7.7mm, oval cut, 3.2ct
    Metal Type: 9K yellow gold, stamps 'G9k'
    Total Weight: 2.18 grams
    NZ$ 419.00
  • 9k Yellow/White Gold 1.7ct Danburite Ring
    Round-Cut Danburite Solitaire Ring in 9ct Yellow and White 2-Tone Gold

    Natural Danburite: 7.8mm round cut, 1.7ct
    Metal Type: 9K yellow/white gold, stamps 'G9K'
    Total Weight: 2.47 grams
    NZ$ 539.00
  • 9k Yellow Gold 1.5ct Beryl & White Sapphire Ring
    Trillion-cut Natural Beryl and White Sapphire Ring in 9ct Yellow Gold

    Natural Beryl: 1.5ct, 7.9mm x 7.9mm, trillion cut
    Natural White Sapphire: 6 pcs
    Metal Type: 9K yellow gold, stamps 'G9k'
    Total Weight: 2.44 grams
    NZ$ 479.00
  • 9k Yellow Gold 23.67ct Ametrine Necklace
    Natural Antique Cut Ametrine Necklace

    Natural Ametrine: 23.67ct, 19mm x 16mm, antique cut
    Measurement of Pendant: 32mm (L) x 21.5mm(W)
    Metal Type: 9K Yellow Gold, stamps 'G9k'
    Chain: 9k Yellow Gold, stamps 'G9k', 18 inch in length.
    Total Weight: 8.65 grams
    Standard/Quality: Very Good
    NZ$ 899.00
    NZ$ 619.00
  • 9k White Gold 1.75ct White Goshenite & Moissanite Earrings
    Natural White Goshenite: approx. 8mm x 6mm oval cut, 2 pcs, 1.75ct
    Moissanite: 16pcs
    Metal Type: 9ct white gold, hallmarked 'G9K'
    Total Weight (Approx.): 1.34 grams
    Measurement: 16.5mm (L) x 6 mm (W)
    NZ$ 389.00
    NZ$ 319.00